QTournament Overview


QTournament is a program for managing badminton tournament. With QTournament you can

QTournament can handle any tournament size. There is no limitation in terms of number of participants, number of concurrently running matches or categories.

The program is designed as a single-user application. That means you can’t work simultaneously with multiple computers or multiple users on the same database.


Note: the screenshot show a fictional tournament using the names of the members of the German parliament (18. legislative period). All category assignments, player pairs and match results are purely random.

Download and installation

QTournament is available for 64-bit Linux and Windows and is packed as a ZIP file. Installation is as easy as extracting the ZIP file into an empty folder and running the QTournament binary. For download links and further information please visit the download page.

Further reading

Please read the user documentation carefully before using QTournament for a real tournament. Make yourself familiar with the program and the necessary workflows because otherwise all participants of your tournament might get really mad at you (e.g., if you lose match result or cause confusion in the match sequence).

If the documentation did answer all your questions then just send an email to Info (at) qtournament.de and I’ll see if I can help. I’m also accepting encrypted emails; please use key ID 0x691AB64C.