Sunday, 19.11.2017

As of today, the new version 0.6.0 of QTournament is available for download. Despite the “small” version bump from 0.5.0 to 0.6.0, this version provides a grand new feature: it now possible to continuously sync tournaments with a central server. This server displays the current tournament status publicly on the internet so that all players and whoever’s is interested can follow the tournament.

Using this sync feature, the following data is made available on the Internet:

  • All players, sorted by name, club or registered categories (useful prior to the tournament)

  • Currently running matches, next matches and many reports (useful during the tournament)

  • All match results and rankings (useful after the tournament)

The tournaments are accessible through Unfortunately this site is currently only available in German since I still have to learn how to build multi-language web applications…

If you want to publish your tournament on the server as well, you need to register from within QTournament (menu “Online” -> “Registration”). The service is free of charge and, of course, free of advertisements. The registration is only for me to have an eye on who’s publishing his/her data on my server. ;)

Other changes

Besides the “Online Service”, version 0.6.0 also contains

  • a new context-menu command for printing result sheets directly from the match list or the court list,

  • a pop-up that offers to directly print some commonly used documents right after a round is finished,

  • few minor bug fixes, for instance a non-critical “twist” of matches in the 32-player bracket.

The new version is available on the download page.