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matrix example
matrix example

Multiple match systems in one tournament

QTournament currently supports the match systems single elimination, groups with subsequent single elimination, tournament brackets, Swiss ladder and round robin,

You are free to combine various match systems within one tournament. A category with only a few participants can play round robins while a group with many participants can use the Swiss ladder mode.

Simple tournament planning

You can play the rounds of your different categories in any sequence. You man plan your rounds incrementally during your tournament (e.g., with one or two rounds heads up).

After defining the round sequence, QTournament assigns every match in the affected rounds a match number. You can publish the match numbers with print outs, for instance, so that players know what their next match number is. Matches are called with ascending match numbers so that every player can easily estimate when his or her next match will commence.

matrix example

Your tournament LIVE on the Internet

Starting with version 0.6.0, QTournament allows you to continuously synchronize your current tournament status with a central server. This server enables players and everyone who's interested to follow your tournament live on the Internet.

Via the QTournament LIVE Website you can access participants lists, currently running matches, next matches, all match results, rankings and many other documents.

Various reports

QTournament creates many different documents such as lists, overviews, brackets, etc. for printing or just for reading on your screen.

Typical reports like results, rankings or next matches can be printed with a matter of seconds.

Any tournament size

You may have as many players and as many categories as you want within one tournament. There are no restrictions concerning the tournament size.

Free software

QTournament is Open Source Software under the GPL V3 license and is available for download as binary release for Linux and Windows. The user interface is English, but German translations are available as well.